Our story

Bijoux Baubles & Accessories NYC started in 2016 as a fun hobby. Our journey began with a passion for creating handcrafted beaded jewelry for family and friends who wanted to add flare to their gorgeous selves. With encouragement from family and friends, the recipients of our first pieces, we began an exploration into the world of creative and fabulous designs infusing a little bit bohemian, trendy, tribal, traditional, and artistic pieces at an affordable price you will love. Our aim is to continue exploring this adventure @Bijoux Baubles NYC and invite you to visit and enjoy our collections along the way!

Although most of our items are designed and handcrafted by us, there are a few curated cool pieces such as our handbags, earrings, some bracelets and necklaces which have been chosen to add variety to our amazing collections.

Our Company

We create beautifully handcrafted and affordable jewelry accessible to everyone to express their unique style for every adventure life brings. Whether your need is for a tribal, classic, bohemian, nomadic, trendy, fun, or spectacular gala event, Bijoux Baubles Accessories has you covered.
You are beautiful, we are here to help you meet the moments in life with confidence and flare. We create and curate pieces inspired by your personal style for every moment in your life. It would be our pleasure to help with enhancing your personal style. We are at your service, ready to customize your unique look.

Our Values

Our journey on earth is a temporary one and so is our home in this world. We believe we are called to leave it better than we found it. Our goal is to help our local communities and churches and to use sustainable material in our creations. We believe that you are your best self when you are boldly and unapologetically confident in who you are. Let kindness be your guide in being boldly you.

Giving Back

“In normal life we hardly realize how much more we receive than we give, and life cannot be rich without such gratitude. It is so easy to overestimate the importance of our own achievements compared with what we owe to the help of others.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Bijoux Baubles & Accessories NYC is proud to support Josiah’s House of Hope for Children in Kenya, Africa an orphanage founded by Bishop Robin Dinnanauth and supported by the Tabernacle of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies, NYC and Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies Ministerial Fellowship of Churches. JHOH strives to provide a safe and nurturing place for orphaned children teaching them life skills so that they grow into responsible independent adults.  At Bijoux Baubles we are committed to supporting Kingdom work. Our commitment extends to giving 10% of the revenue earned from our jewelry collection to support this ministry’s efforts and JHOH.

Sustainable totes

Bijoux Baubles & Accessories NYC (BBA) is proud to partner with GreenTalkSolutions Inc., New York. We are committed to a greener planet by reducing CO2 emissions through our sustainable line of women’s totes.

We take made in America end fabric and turn them into beautiful, handmade, reusable BBA women’s tote bags. We believe by creating our tote line sustainably will not only reduce our carbon footprint, and support a 100% made in America effort, but will also give our BB women the opportunity to contribute to a better planet when you support us. This commitment extends to giving 10% of revenue gained from each sustainable tote sold to greening initiatives pioneered by GreenTalkSolutions Inc.

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